Freedom Of Movement

Friendly, safe and beautiful, post-war Colombia is on the rebound.

The long-running civil war in Colombia is finally over, which is great news for the people of this incredible country. While it simmered and sputtered along for decades, somehow Colombians managed to live with the war and get on with their lives as best they could, but now that it has come to a formal end with the signing of peace treaties and the disarming of the FARC rebels, Colombia is set to really hit its straps.

Just as when Sri Lanka ended its long-running civil war with the Tamil Tigers and experienced a surge in tourism and a boost to the economy, so too will life begin to change for Colombians as old fears disappear and they welcome the return of free movement around their own country. It’s also a great thing for visitors like you because previously prohibited areas of this beautiful country will now open up for adventurous travellers.

For those who live where TravelFit operates from in places like Cartagena and Santa Marta on the coast, far from the former rebel-held areas in the interior of the country, life carries on as usual. While peace is fantastic for the country as a whole, this coastal area has been untouched by the civil war for all the 10 years I have been coming here. You will feel it the moment you arrive for your 10-day experience with Travel Fit Colombia.

„This is the laid-back Caribbean side of Colombia, where life revolves around fitness, the beach, dancing and good vibes. We can safely say that your biggest risk when coming here, is that you will want to stay! And, assuming you do go home (tanned, fitter and more relaxed than you have been in years), we are pretty confident you will come back to Colombia soon !“

- Robin Cope -

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